Signature Aged Care

Wagga Surveyors and Albury Surveyors

Croft Development Pty Ltd’s $35 Million, 180 bed Aged Care facility.

Rivland were engaged at the outset of this project for the design stage providing contour, level, detail surveys of the site as well as a proposed 90 Lot subdivision and an additional 5 Lot proposed subdivision plan.

During construction, survey included bulk earthworks, installation of inground services infrastructure, construction works for road pavements and retaining walls, set out building pads and Works as Executed.

Rivland has worked with Croft and their Lawyers to finalise the subdivision plans and associated Section 88b notice creating easements to satisfy Wagga Wagga City Council and NSW Land Registry Services.

Location : Wagga Wagga

Associated Businesses : Croft Developments

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