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A Subdivision occurs when a piece of land is divided into smaller parts, it can be a residential block divided in two, a large un-serviced property that has been re-zoned for development or a rural property.   There are many reasons why a property might need to be subdivided and it is mandatory for a Registered land surveyor to undertake this process.

It requires a stringent process for approval to create a new Title for each new lot once registered with the NSW Land Registry Services (LRS). 

We are able to assist in all aspects of land development including:

Forget dealing with complex government legislation, we can help with specific items as needed or handle it all including electronic lodgement and registration of the Deposited Plan with LRS.

Strata Community & Neighbourhood Title

A Strata Title Subdivision allows a building to be divided into multiple lots, commonly referred to as “strata titling” it allows individual ownership of units or apartments within a complex, for example a high-rise apartment building will most always be on Strata Title unless the entire building is owned by one person or entity.

A community title refers to properties with at least two lots which share a common area, such as a driveway or a nature strip, each owner still owns their individual house and land, but they all share common amenities including, the entrance gate and parking area. A set of community by-laws affect how each landowner can use or not use their land, similar to the way strata by-laws operate.

A Registered Land Surveyor creates a Strata Plan of Subdivision or Community Plan of Subdivision sometimes referred to as a Neighbourhood Plan of Subdivision, for lodgement and registration at the LRS.

Lease Plans

To register a Lease of Land with the NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) a Plan of Survey showing the extend of land to be leased is required.

A Lease Plan is prepared by a Registered Land Surveyor.

Net Lettable Survey

A lettable area survey is a calculated survey of a floor space for leasing purposes. Lettable area surveys are typically used to help with rental calculations, property valuation, and lease documentation. 

Obtaining a lettable area survey from a Registered Land Surveyor is vital to acquiring lettable areas to protect the interests of both tenants and owners.

If you are leasing part or all of a building, whether it’s retail, commercial or Industrial a Lease Plan will avoid future disputes relating to the lease area and extent.

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