Detail & Level Survey

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Detail & Level Survey

A Detail & Level Survey (Topographic Survey) sometimes also referred to as a Feature Survey or Contour Survey is required for assessment and design purposes and are obligatory for a Council Development Application.

They are often sought by Architects and Designers as they contain information essential to the planning process such as; the levels of the land, location of services as well as improvements and features such as trees.

We have prepared many both large and small scale Detail Surveys, they are sought by a variety of people and used for a diverse range of projects such as new builds and renovations, landscape designs, property development and Government Departments for road and bridge design and new infrastructure such as water mains, power lines, pump stations and reservoirs.

Aerial Surveying/Drones/ATV

With our DJI Phantom 4 RTK UAV, with 20-megapixel camera & Pix4D software we are able to capture and process information and features which may not be visible from the ground.  This is particularly helpful with hard to get to places i.e., hilly terrain that that isn’t driveable.

Particularly helpful with Volumetric Surveys at quarries and large open areas.

Monitoring Surveys for Deformations

Deformation monitoring measures the movement of structures, railways, retaining walls and roads that show early signs of moving.

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